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Blockchainize your industry. Power your business. Enhance trust and transparency in your business relationships.

SGAT is at the heart of the current technological revolution and the specialist of blockchain support. We are the only one providing a turnkey solution that will enable you to certify, store and access to every data generated by your business as well as to automate interactions and business relationships. And in all ease, with a smooth transition !

We will design the solution for you, our customer, but also for yours : everything will be intuitive, customized, ready to be integrated with your current solutions. A transformation that will support and power your business.

With its team of experts, we meet specific needs and helps your company to get the most out of its potential. We are at your side in the implementation, deployment and support of your teams in the blockchainization of your industry.


We are blockchain solutions provider

SGAT develops custom end-to-end blockchain solutions for enterprises. We put our extensive knowledge and experience to work creating complex, large-scale and effective solutions designed to meet your industry and business requirements.

Our team of experienced blockchain developers have expertise in many different blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin, CryptoNote, Ethereum, EOS and Hyperledger protocols among others.

We also master the application logic specific to a blockchain architecture, with the implementation of precise and modular endorsement rules, as well as the automation of the system through chaincodes or smart-contracts.

To any business, access the power of a custom decentralized network built to your specifications.


We are problem solvers

SGAT provides a strategic focus and brings optimizations or solve potential issues through the blockchainization of your company. We identify your needs and study the feasibility of the project with you, to specify its added value.

Successful custom blockchain projects require unique skills and procedures. SGAT uses carefully-designed processes combined with agile development approaches to bring your project to fruition exactly the way your business requires.

We also ensure the monitoring and maintenance in operational conditions of the complete infrastructure. SGAT also advises on optimisation and security in order to ensure continuous post-integration support.

PoC Design

We are expert in building PoCs

SGAT designs a minimalist product partially functional, that will allow you to test your project and validate key metrics such as technology, operation, UX and interest on a test panel of users.

With the flexibility of a human-sized structure, SGAT can quickly set up a complete prototype.

SGAT's in-house team of managers, researchers, architects and developers will initiate, design, plan and deliver a custom PoC in following stages :

Research & Planning : identification and analysis of needs, issues and requirements

Development: strong agile processes with regular reports

Support : ongoing analysis and research for improvements

Workshops & Trainings

We are here for you

✓ Introduction to Blockchain Innovation

✓ State of the art in your profession / sector of activity

✓ Benchmarking of implemented blockchain projects

✓ Analysis of opportunities

✓ Tailor-made modeling of potential use cases for your structure

Through our workshops and training courses, we demonstrate the interest of experimenting blockchain, answering to the right questions and practicing:

- How can Blockchain Innovation disrupt my business?
- What aspects of my organization are vulnerable to disintermediation and how likely is it to occur?
- How should I rethink and reform my current business before others do it for me?
- How to take advantage of the blockchain's properties to create new offers and business models?
- Should I venture alone in the development of blockchain-based solutions or should I collaborate with my competitors?

Discover our Workshops & Training Packs

4h Workshop - 10 persons max
(Half Day)

"Learn about the stakes of the Blockchain !"

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Would you like to stay informed and identify the opportunities offered by blockchain technology?

Our "Technical and Strategic Watch" Package is the right answer to apprehend, understand this technology and take an interest in the possibilities it offers to companies:

• Introduction to the Blockchain, presentation of use cases in your sector of activity
• Benchmarking of blockchain projects implemented or in the process of being implemented
• Strategic discussion / Q&A
• Post-workshop report


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Audit Mission and Feasibility Study of a Blockchain Project

"Don't waste time, take the blockchain wagon !"

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Have you identified opportunities to integrate blockchain technology into your business?

Our "Blockchain Transformation" Package will allow you to validate the feasibility and relevance of your project, in order to define a specific set of requirements and a precise budget:

• “Technical and Strategic Watch” Package & "Blockchain Transformation" Brainstorming Workshop
• Modeling the potential use case
• Validation of feasibility and proposal for a POC
• Budget estimate and creation of a standard schedule
• "Deliverable Restitution and Strategic Discussion" workshop


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SGAT Technologies is above all a dynamic and passionate team that decided to combine their different skills for the use of this technological revolution

Sébastien Pussiau CEO – Co-Founder
Sébastien Pussiau
CEO – Co-Founder
Thomas Paillet COO – Co-Founder
Thomas Paillet
COO – Co-Founder
Antoine La CTO – Co-Founder
Antoine La
CTO – Co-Founder
Christophe Fraysse Lead Developer
Christophe Fraysse
Lead Developer
Stéphane Hurpé Operations Director – Co-Founder
Stéphane Hurpé
Operations Director – Co-Founder
Aina Randria Marketing & Public Relations Director – Co-Founder
Aina Randria
Marketing & Public Relations Director – Co-Founder
Philippe Bonan Artistic & Creative Director – Co-Founder
Philippe Bonan
Artistic & Creative Director – Co-Founder
Baptiste Husson Business Development
Baptiste Husson
Business Development

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